In my San Francisco Therapy practice, I work with Dreams. 

San Francisco Dream Therapy

I have found the inner world of the psyche, and specifically dreams, are a profound guide in psychological work because our dreams tell us things we can't always see about ourselves in our day-to-day. 

We all dream even if you don't remember them and yet many of us don't use them in a practical way. Sadly, there is a mistaken belief that dreams are incoherent thoughts of the mind with little to no meaning. As your work deepens you may begin to remember your dreams more. When this occurs patients typically feel that they offer profound meaning and guidance from the day to day to the greater questions. 

Dream Experience

While I am certainly not an expert in dreams I find it to be the most informing and telling aspects of our deeper self.

Since dream images make no sense in ordinary terms, people dismiss them as “weird” or meaningless, but actually, dreams are completely coherent. If we take time to learn their language, we discover that every dream is a masterpiece of symbolic communication.  Quoted from Robert A. Johnson’s (1986) Inner Work

A Method to Analyze your Dreams (via Robert Johnson’s (1986) approach found in his book Inner Work)

San Francisco Dream Therapy

The Four Step – Approach

1.)  Associations – This is the foundation from where to begin.  This is where we open up to the unconscious. They present themselves and seem to have the most “weight”. Dreams are like a very fast film. If we slow down the film we realize there are many images in each film.

2.)  Connecting images to Inner Dynamics – This is the active looking for parts of our inner selves in the dream.

3.)  Interpretation – Put together what he have found and then take the dream as a whole. Is this a three-part play or two-part? Some dreams feel complete while others hold us in an incomplete state as if beckoning that we struggle with it.

4.)  Ritual – Make the dream more conscious and concrete as if to honor the content. It’s a privilege to be a part of the Unconscious so please honor it so “it” can learn that we are to be trusted.