Men's Work

In my San Francisco Therapy office I am comfortable discussing Men's Work, Men's Issues, Masculinity, Male Sexuaity, and Father Issues. 

Men are surprisingly at a loss when it comes to understanding their masculinity and power. Given the  patriarchal tendency in our culture you would think that this has been fully explored but this, typically, is not the case. 

Men have taken their understanding of masculinity for granted and have thus lost something and often find themselves unsure of what is missing in their lives. Being a man often involves balancing power with vulnerability. 

Often men misunderstand their own weaknesses as something to eradicate but often weakness such as illness, addiction, or medical limitations are avenues to a deeper life. 

What is Men's Work?

Men’s work is an old and ancient dialogue that has suffered in today’s culture. Exploring and reclaiming this dialogue is paramount to a man’s power, strength, healing and happiness.       

Men’s work is about finding fulfillment in being a man and this is not found in patriarchal attitudes, which consequence we do know, but rather through actualizing our masculinity and strength.

I have been involved with a Men's Work and Men's Groups since 2007 and find it a powerful and at the very least important reflection in psychotherapy.                       

Consider Individual Psychotherapy for Men's Work or feel free to contact me for a no-charge consultation.