Individual Therapy

Individual Counseling and Psychotherapy 

San Francisco Therapy


  • Mature Individuals Seeking Deeper Meaning in Life 
  • Career Dissatisfaction or Desire to Change Career
  • Relationship Problems
  • Personal Growth and Achievement
  • Obsessive, Depressive, and or Anxious Feelings
  • Masculinity Work
  • Spiritual and Religious Inquiry 
  • Physical Illness 
Discussion Topics:
  • How have you become who you now are? Have you deviated from your true self? 
  • Are there core beliefs that are helping or hurting? 
  • What obstacles are preventing you from who you want to be? 
  • What can you really change? 
  • What goals do you have and why do they matter? 

Structure of Therapy and What to Expect
Once we decide to work together our sessions will usually involve one or more of the following topics: current situations and challenges, earlier life experiences, symbolic material from the unconscious (i.e. dreams, fantasies, obsessions), and our interpersonal communications.
I work at a minimum of one session per week and encourage patients to meet as often as they can. Some patients are interested in a deeper psychological experience which may include multiple sessions per week. 
Measuring Progress in Therapy
Throughout our work you are invited to give feedback as to how your individual psychotherapy is working and what may need changing. If you have any specific questions about what this may look like feel free to contact me

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